It’s that time again!  

The pool runs 19 weeks starting August 31st to the Final College Football Bowl Games.  It will include both College and/or Pro games as the schedule dictates.  The pool is limited to co-workers, colleagues, friends and their relatives and all other “grandfathered-in” individuals who played in 2017, and well as others who have been invited by the Commissioner.  All others must be approved by the Commissioner.  

Here’s how it works.  Each week there will be up to 25 games (1 week of college games only, 17 weeks of all NFL pro games plus college and 1 pool of college bowl games).  You only have to pick the winners of each game - no spreads involved although odds will be provided for assistance.  The person with the highest point total each week wins 75% of the week's award and the second place winner receives 25%.  Depending on the number of participants it is possible that a third place winner may be added.

Point totals are as follows:

  • College or Pro Diamond Game is worth 10 points

  • College or Pro Platinum Game is worth 9 points

  • College or Pro Gold Game is worth 8 points

  • College or Pro Silver Game is worth 7 points

  • College or Pro Bronze Game is worth 6 points

  • All other games are worth 3 points for a total of 100 points weekly (if sufficient games are available).

  • Tiebreaker for first place is the most number of games correct each week. 

  • If still tied, the win is split.

  • If a tie for first place exists there will be no second place winner that week.
  • The tiebreaker does not apply to second place ties of number of points.

Dave Biddle Cumulative Totals: 

  • Each week the players that finish in the top five (5) will receive 2 points each.

  • It is possible that there will be ties and more than five (5) players will be awarded 2 points each.

  • At the end of the season the player with the most points receives 75% of the 20th visit from the Godfather.

  • The player with the second highest will win 25% of the 20th visit from the Godfather.   Depending on the number of participants it is possible that a third place winner may be added.

The entry form will be available via the website ( only each week and are due in by Friday at 5:00pm of each week (except Week 1 and Thanksgiving week or as indicated during the College Football Bowl season).  Please note that there will be some Friday games in the pool so Saturday morning submittals may be disqualified or have automatic incorrect answers. We try to advise the players when there are Friday games.  All picks will be made by website only.

First week games will be available by website by 5:00pm PDT during the week of Monday, August 20 -  Friday, August 24th.  All first week's entries are due by Friday, Aigust 31st @ 3:30pm PDT  All subsequent weeks will be available by website on Tuesday mornings, [Wednesday the latest].

Good Luck!