Commissioner's Week #20 Post

posted Aug 21, 2013, 2:55 PM by Sam Carlson   [ updated Jan 7, 2014, 9:50 AM by Joe Covello ]
01/07/14:  What a way for the BCS era to go out; a bunch of exciting plays and points in the 4th quarter and a winning touchdown drive with 1:19 left on the clock.  That come from behind win for FSU also made The Godmother the Dave Biddle Pool winner; yes, James she did it again.  Worse, she consistently outpicked The Godfather once again this season.  Thank you all for playing and see you next year with the new NCAA National Football Championship setup and with the 49ers as Super Bowl champs, hopefully.  HAPPY NEW YEAR.
01/05/14:  That was close; the game-winning field goal was almost blocked as the 49ers survived another Ice Bowl game on the frozen tundra.  Unfortunately the other red-clad team in the Bay Area fell short in another slugfest in better weather.  I also loved the game that Andrew and the Colts played yesterday which also came down to the wire.  The bowl games were exciting for the most part and not without upsets.  With one game to go it will either be Evan with Andrew second if Florida State wins or Dave J. with Mike J. second if Auburn prevails. I  hope everone had a great Christmas and New Years holiday. 
12/30/13:  It was nice to see so many combinations of playoff teams possible on the final regular season NFL Sunday but it was also amazing how so many teams let the playoffs slip out of their hands.  There were some strange plays as well; what looked like a pass that was actually a fumble, a field goal that should not have been allowed, an improper start of a play clock that almost cost a game, and who knows how many others.  Then we have Aaron Rodgers who gets off the rehab table to pull Green Bay out of the also-ran category and Tony Romo's replacement does a Tony Romo with a last minute interception - sorry James,  Then there is Black Monday - let the firings begin.  As for the final NFL Pool we have a four-way tie for first with 87.5% correct picks.  Naturally The Godmother is one of them and also leads the Bowl Pool as of this morning as well as being tied for the Dave Biddle Pool lead with Andy.  If she wins those things it is going to be a long off-season in this household for The Godfather.

12/24/13:  Too bad; I tried but the final game on this week's pool makes no difference - Kathi and JD tie for first place.  So anyway I say "Go Beavers".  What a finish to the 49er game - improbable way to escape possibly losing the last game at Candlestick.  Memories galore; just ask Carolyn for her memory of the "'Stick".  So a couple of games this weekend affect the playoffs.  Dallas and the Eagles and Green Bay and the Bears fight each other for a spot with New Orleans and Arizona having a wild card shot in the NFC.  In the AFC its Baltimore, Miami and Pittsburgh in games that count.  As far as the Dave Biddle Pool is concerned check that out as we have two pools left to score points.  And finally remember that THE BOWL POOL IS POSTED AND DUE ON FRIDAY MORNING the DECEMBER 27th.  Merry Christmas; it's Christmas Eve - hang your stockings with care.

12/17/13:  Poor Army - losing 12 straight to Navy, in the snow no less.  The NFL was crazy with wild finishes and a 61 yard field goal  for the winner.  The Heisman was a yawn with over 100 voters boycotting the winner.  Texas gets a new coach and I pray they leave my guy alone.  The Dave Biddle Pool gets tighter so make sure you play - we had 5 no shows this week.  Two more weeks of the Pros and THE BOWL POOL IS POSTED AND DUE ON FRIDAY DECEMBER 27th.

12/10/13:   As Beano Cook used to exclaim "What the hell is going on".  Auburn clocks Missouri after besting 'Bama the week before, Michigan State humbles the overconfident "The Ohio State" and leaps over Stanford to create a #4 vs. #5 Rose Bowl matchup and Oklahoma surprises OK State.  Then we have games in the snow and cold all over the NFL which were hardly precision personified but awfully entertaining.  The upshot is Peggy  blasts the pack with 22 correct and 91 points setting the scoring record for the year so far.  As for th Dave Biddle Memorial Andy leads with 12 points and 3 others are chasing him with 10 points.   We  have 3 more weekends to go plus the Bowl Pool to go so make sure you don't fall asleep at the wheel and forget to play over the holidays. THE BOWL POOL IS POSTED AND DUE ON FRIDAY DECEMBER 27th.

12/3/13:  Talk about smoke clearing and I thought last weekend was wild in college football.  Auburn carried miracles to a new level over Alabama, Ohio State survived a miracle, and Duke gets into the ACC title game as a 29 point underdog.  It seems everyone else held serve.  The Monday night game again determined the winners and with the Saints flop against Seattle the Alex/Cami team prevailed over a cast of thousands for second place.  The refs messed up in several games this weekend, most notably in the Giants/Redskins game. Finally, the Dave Biddle Pool is turning into a close horse race with lots of contenders with five weeks to go. 

11/27/13:  After the smoke cleared Danielle gets first in a tiebreaker (14 correct) with Andrew (13 correct).  Not exactly setting the world on fire at less than 60%.  Others had more correct but finished back in the pack.  The tie game mattered as if Green Bay had pulled it out the William wins with a 4-way tie for second.  The Dave Biddle Pool is still a tight race.  REMEMBER the Pool starts THURSDAY this week so get your picks in early by 9 AM THURSDAY.

11/25/13:  It's Monday night and the MNF game counts once again.  3rd quarter and the 49ers  showed up and it looks like the tattooed wonder CK seems to be on target tonite.  That Sunday night game had a horrible ending: an anticlimax after watching a game of two opposite halfs.  Now Saturday was all sweetness as Melanie called the Big Smash.  Adding Arizona's upset of the Ducks to the mix was adding cream on top; Baylor's loss was the cherry on top.  This weekend has some good games all around, both college and pro.  REMEMBER the Pool starts THURSDAY this week so get your picks in early by 9 AM THURSDAY.

11/19/13:  What a finish; yes it was pass interference but no guarantees Brady wins.  Let's face it he was not going to catch such a bad pass.  Good going Kara and Lorraine (yes, that was the mystery player).  Thanks Larry and Todd for the stimulating dialog; better luck next week.  And thanks for the 100% participation this week.  Remember that Thanksgiving week we have Thursday games so heads up everyone.  We will get the pool posted as soon as possible but the short week happens every year.
11/18/13:  What a revolting development Saturday night was.  Enough said; how to give away a game.  Still can't believe it.  No Rose Bowl this year.  Bring on Berkeley to take our frustrations out on (I hope).  The 49ers did not relieve any of my frustration (as if they could) but played "give-away" as well.  Once again Monday night matters.  Beecher is already mouthing off but the tea leaves are saying Carolina has a defense and Boston only has Brady.  As far as the BCS goes no games of consequence this weekend; Florida State favored by 56 points!!!!!! That would take a miracle exceeding the Auburn-Georgia Hail Mary deflected pass still-can't-believe-it ending.  But the weekend NFL games seem interesting and will affect the playoffs.  The Midwest tornadoes were frightening; and I thought the windstorms a few weeks ago were scary. I hope this is not the beginning of Mother Nature's revenge.  I am sure global warming will get blamed for this weekend's tornadoes as well as the typhoon.  Seriously though, put the Red Cross on your Christmas list.

11/11/13:  Monday night finally mattered and an non-descript game at best finishes 22-19.  Mike J. wins by a point over a foursome by getting only 60% correct; the crystal ball was definitely broken this week.  In games that really mattererd the Cardinal defeathered the Ducks and Alabama declawed the Tigers.  The possibilty of Alabama-FSU and Stanford-Ohio State post-season contests looms large.  If only Coach Shaw called two more running plays against Utah who knows what the possibilities would be.  Dream on old man.  As for the 49ers forget it, not this year, not with CK at QB.  Some good games this weekend as the NCAA winds down and the NFL winds up.  As for our season the Dave Biddle Cumulative Pool is really heating up; check out the standings under the results button above-it's a horse race with The Real Deal in the lead.  One player short of 100% participation this week; getting better.
11/4/13:  Once again the Monday night game has no effect on the week's results; Sam wins and Susan is second (with the professional New York City gambler and crap game operator, Nathan Detroit, a close third). At least it came down to the Sunday night game to be the decider with a magnificent comeback by Andrew's team.  At one point on Saturday we had a dozen or more tied for first and then finally for second.  This past week's games were a bit vanilla but still tough to prognosticate particularly with the NFL with upsets and near upsets.  This week's best college game is on a Thursday night so it's not on the pool.  LSU-Alabama should be entertaining and there are some close games, odds-wise, sprinkled throughout the 25 games.  We had good participation with only 2 no-shows.

10/28/13:  Well again no mystery (the Monday night game is irrelevant); now it's Andy we need to put the evil eye on as he tries to tie Godmama with 3 in a row next week.  Larry comes in second although he has more correct picks.  Some strange NFL games this weekend but the Lions/Cowboys game was the most exciting as a game and a soap opera.  As for the Saturday games my team is making the games too interesting for my taste but "a win is a win" is the key, style points are for the SEC, ACC and Big 12 (actually 10).  I am looking forward to a stress-free weekend off while contemplating the Thursday night game next week against the "Ducks".  The Florida-Georgia game is the best of this coming weekend's college games.  As for the NFL it is kind of vanilla this coming weekend.  We had 29 players this weekend; Lorraine must have been still celebrating her Birthday Friday.  This next weekend marks the halfway point of the season for Godfathersportsbook.  Check the RESULTS tab above; it is a close battle with 3 players with 8 points and 5 more right behind with 6 points.

10/22/13:  Andrew 39, Peyton 33.  Monday night's game determined this week's winners.  A New York Giant win resulted in a tie between Melanie and Andy.  Not to many interesting games this week but now with the BCS rankings out starting this week the NCAA Football season gets down to brass tacks.  As for the NFL you have to study the injury lists before you check the standings; they are dropping like flies and key players at that.

10/20/13:  Another escape on The Farm although the Cardinal was clearly the better team with the one-handed catch by Whitfield being a generational highlight catch.  This morning we have a logjam at the top w's teamwith Andrew in the lead with 9 players in 2nd by 3 points; literally anyone's game to win.  Saturday was sweet as the SEC, Eastern media bias was exposed.  The SEC started the weekend with 8 teams in the top-25 and 5 of them were upset in conference and still 6 remained in the top-25 despite the upset outcomes; no bias there.  Even the substandard ACC has 4 teams ranked (boy is Clemson over-rated); the Pac-12 only 3 teams.  No bias there.  I guess staying up late to watch football is not in the cards for those Eastern dudes.  If the SEC keeps feasting on itself like the other conferences do maybe reality will set in after all these years.  Looking forward to Luck vs. Manning tonight.

10/16/13:  Now recovered from jet lag and a cross-country trip from New York we can contemplate that Grandmama's 3 week winning streak has ended; serves her right for trying to hide behind a new moniker.  Hard to compete with JD getting 21 out of 25 correct; good going.  Some really big games this weekend will define both the college and NFL seasons.  What happened to our 100% participation week; can't send out reminders every week but will give it another shot on Friday.

10/13/13:  "What a revolting development" this weekend was in the world of football.  My dream of a national championship burst like a bubble on some poor QB play a bad play calling from the 6 yard line; made worse by the fact that I couldn't even see the game from a few thousand miles away since it was on the Pac-12 network. Ranked teams bled all over the gridiron across the nation.  Enough of that.  i was shocked tonight to realize that I left the Washington-Dallas game off of the pool (such a rivalry and I missed it completely - sorry James!)  Never fear, this week we have some MYSTERY.  If San Diego wins we have JD winning with a three-way tie for second (Andy, Dave R. and Mike R.); if Indianapolis wins then we have a four-way tie for first with JD winning the tie-breaker and Chris C. winning the tie-breaker for scond.  More tomorrow after the results are in.

10/7/13:  As Beano Cook would say "What the hell is going on?"  The Godmama is on a three week winning streak; unprecedented and never been done before.  She has it in the bag by the end of the Sunday night game.  She is absolutely gloating and blithely deflected James' accusation of being on PEDs; she claims that she makes her picks in 5 minutes without consulting anything or anyone.  How can you beat that?  Speaking of beatings Las Vegas took a $100,000,000 hit on the last bizarre play of the Ohio State-Northwestern game; no crying in this quarter.  Certainly not after the replay official got the 4th down call near the end of the Stanford-Washington game right.  What part of the ball hitting the ground does a Husky Dog not understand?  There were lots of exciting games last weekend on the college front notably Georgia-Tennessee and ASU-Notre Dame.  But the Denver-Dallas game was unreal; 51-48 in a NFL game is crazy but at least the good guys won and "America's Team" embarrassed themselves again; "how sweet it is".  BTW, let's get back to 100% participation this week.
9/30/13:  There is some mystery this week.  If Miami wins then Nathan Detroit, the operator of "the oldest established floating crap game in New York" wins.  If the Saints win then he and Godmama split the prize; she is sure putting The Godfather to shame.  There were some good games this weekend especially the SEC battle between LSU and Georgia which came down to the wire.  ASU sent U$C down the road in a painful way [Tommy the Trojan limped away and Kiffin (their despicable coach) was sent away for good].  I wonder how much damage ASU will do to the "fighting irish" this Saturday.  Go Devils!  Oops, I remember a band that was banished for life from South Bend for staging a "battle" between a Cardinal and a Devil (simply no sense of humor in the Touchdown Jesus camp).  This week's college games are a little tamer but maybe Northwestern can outsmart the Buckeyes.  The Pro games are getting tougher to prognosticate; too bad that Texas blew it against Seattle [the 49ers needed that one] and the Raiders could not hold on against the DCers (I am not an RG3 fan).  Well, it's a long season.  To all, better Luck against Nathan Detroit and the Godmama this week.

9/22/13:  No mystery this week.  Godmama takes the prize and the Monday night game is of no consequence to the Week #4 outcome at any level.  She certainly smoked The Godfather this week.  Speaking of being smoked Andrew and the Colts made the 49ers look like semi-pros; the only real QB at Candlestick today was wearing a white uniform not red.  Where is Alex Smith now when we need him; oh that's right, he is undefeated at Kansas City.  The college weekend followed the chalk for the most part with a few almost upsets and some that could have gone either way with a host of blowouts with mismatches all over the country.  Money is not enough of a reason for scheduling some of these games.  In the Miami game they finally had to start a running clock in the 3rd quarter to keep the bloodshed down; in all my years of college football I never heard of that happening.  I guess they wanted to avoid breaking the highest score ever -Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0.  This week the Saturday games start to get more interesting and difficult [six players had 9 out of 10 correct].  Final comment is that we had 6 no-shows this week; you cannot win if you do not play.
9/17/13:  Saturday left a lot of possibilities that all dried up by Sunday night.  JD was the winner by the end of the 49er debacle.  It was tight with 6 players within 6 points.  On another note Johnny Football turned the Tide of negative publicity but not the Tide from Alabama.  UCLA looks tough, U$C woke up a bit, Stanford played sleepy, and Ohio State looked like a scoring machine.  As for the 49ers, they may be in trouble if Andrew gets some O-Line protection this week and it looks like the Raiders have a QB but Denver has the better (best) one around.
9/10/13:  This week went down to the wire with too many combinations left based on the outcomes of the two Monday night games. Chris took first with 4 others tied for second place.  College-wise the SEC is taking some hits; lovely to see.  U$C really bombed Saturday night-oh how sweet it is.  Combined with Notre Dame not going undefeated this year it's a great start to the 2013 season.  Too bad San Jose State wants to end the longest non-conference series it and Stanford has going but its all about money and pride I guess; not enough money and too much pride.  The NFL season looks interesting with the ageless Manning flinging for 7 touchdowns, RG3 being outplayed by an old Michael Vick, and Andrew leading another come from behind win.  If Dallas had lost to the New York Football Giants all would be good in the NFL world and with my pool results as well.  Well it's a long season and Saturday and Sunday games will make for fun weekends.  There are no Friday games in this week's pool but don't wait past 9:00 AM Saturday morning to put your picks in.

9/2/13:  It was a wild week and we have a winner basically decided by the Clemson and Colorado wins. [That 10 pointer really cost me, for one.]  Monday's game winner is academic as Mr. (Ahoy) Matey took the big prize and Mike Jaeger just beat The Godfather out.  Week one always has a high score and now with the Pros and closer NCAA games the going gets tougher.  We have 28 or 29 players [still trying to figure that out].  I would like one or two more recruits for an even 30 so ask around.  We had some new folks and lost some old folks - did not expect the latter.  Now the real fun begins so here's to a great season; I for one are trying to keep my perspective on my team's chances.  Thanks for playing; it makes The Godfather happy and that's a good thing.
8/22/13 :  Welcome Football Fans and Players:
Once again It has been a long drought between the Super Bowl and NCAA Kickoff Weekend but here we are again.   Once again Sam has set us up again with the website and we can contemplate once more that we have dedicated another year to the memory of Dave Biddle who will once again be mocking us for some of our bad picks.  Remember, as usual, we are shooting for a 5 PM Friday night cutoff for pool entries as there will usually be Friday night games on the docket.  The first pool will be posted by Monday, August 26th.  So, thanks to all who have signed up again, and good Luck; more from the Commissioner as we go along.  So, I ask you, are you ready for some football? Yes, yes, yes.
The Godfather and Commissioner